What Kind Of iPad Educational Applications Are Kids Interested

Introduce children to technology to prepare them for the twenty-first century. And it means using an iPad for a while for a lot of youngsters. So which iPad applications are ideal for children? You can download apps for your 3-year-old as well as 15-year-old teens.

In 2024, there are a ton of iPad applications available for kids to choose from. In this era, most parents believe that educational apps help children learn fast, It may be difficult to figure out which ones are useful and age-appropriate, so I set out to compile my top teacher-approved picks.

Kids’ iPad Apps: Ages 3 to 5


Learn is one of those multifunctional applications. It consists of learning to read activities, storybooks, and sketching. But its post office is my favourite feature. With pre-approved relatives and friends, children may send and receive digital postcards. It’s a creative and simple method to promote long-distance contact with distant family members.

Because the Words Their Way Spelling Program so effectively identifies what children already know and what skills they need to concentrate on next, I’m a great admirer of it. That’s why I was overjoyed when This Reading Mama created an Alphabet Sounds Word Study app that was based on the show. It’s the ideal balance of developmentally appropriate and motivating!

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy

Another fantastic kids’ iPad app? There’s a good reason why ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy is one of the most downloaded preschool applications available. The captivating games guide children through sight words, word families, alphabet sounds, and more, taking the guesswork out of teaching them to read.

The Kids Academy

The Kids Academy free applications are an excellent resource for children who are ready to learn about numbers. The activities, tales, and songs in the preschool-appropriate courses support children in developing a solid number concept.

Speaking of arithmetic, kids will like using Preschool arithmetic · Basic Skills School to learn about counting and shapes. You can tell it’s good since it got a Parent’s Choice Award!

You can watch the most well-liked kid-appropriate programs on PBS KIDS, such as “Curious George” and “Wild Kratts,” for free using their app.

Practice writing the alphabet by engaging in a lighthearted game Thomas Wilson once said, “Trace it, Try it.” The software simultaneously practices letter names, letter sounds, and letter writing. Three apps in one!

Kids’ iPad Apps: Ages 5 to 8

Children are prepared to read short, three-letter words after they have mastered letter sounds. An engaging method to practice sounding out and spelling CVC words is to use Reading Mama’s Short Vowel Word Study app. If I allowed them, my kids could spend hours sitting and playing the games!

Learn with Homer offers engaging storybooks, games, and sketching exercises to assist children in learning to read. Its digital post office, however, where kids may send and receive cards from pre-approved relatives and friends, is what makes it unique. It’s a creative method of teaching children to write and read!

 Ollie’s Handwriting & Phonics

Using the all-in-one app Ollie’s Handwriting & Phonics, created by a teacher, you may practice writing alphabet letters and reading sight words.

Play Sight Words Ninja with your kids to get them enthused about learning sight words! There is also a version with the letters and numbers!

Free Flow

Free Flow is a pipe construction game that will make puzzle-loving kids go crazy. The goal is to link matching dots with pipes to form a flow.

Speaking of construction, young iPad users may practice constructing and expanding cities with Block Craft 3D. (My six-year-old’s obsession is expanding his virtual town and adding folks!)

Sushi Monster

Kids may master math facts while having fun with Sushi Monster. They can eat plates of numbered sushi to reach a specific addition sum or multiplication product.

Play “Show Me” and “Peek” in the Multiplication Flashcard Quiz and Match Games App for students in second grade and up to practice memorization of multiplication facts. Play the kids’ quiz game That’s Baloney! on the move for hours of enjoyment with its unique facts. Or is it nonsense? Is the biggest spider alive a camel spider?

And lastly, Despicable Me: Minion Rush and Crossy Road are surefire favourites for those days when all you want to do is play!

How to Select the Best iPad Apps for Children

How to Select the Best iPad Apps for Children

To help them pick out new apps, kids and teens need help from parents, guardians, and other adults they trust. They may have a hard time getting what they want.

Here are some ideas to help you pick out new apps for your teen or child:

Take into account their size and growth

There are apps for kids that are good for little kids and apps that are better for teens. It’s important to pick games for your child that are right for their age. This means you need to think about both the topic and how hard it is.

Keep in mind that age grades are based on how much a child has developed. But you are the best person to know your child and what they need and can do. Find out more about age grades so you can make a smart choice.

Think about what your child likes

What do they really care about? What do they like to learn? If you want your child to join in, pick apps and games that they like.

Make sure they have a say in what new fun apps or games you look for. To pass the time during the school break, they are more likely to check out apps and games that they helped choose.

Find tools that teach kids new things

There are lots of great games that can teach you things. They can help kids learn many things, like STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). As a starting point, check out our list of skill-building apps for kids.

Think about the social side

You can connect with other people more in some games and apps than in others. If you want your child to be able to talk to other people and connect, pick apps for kids that let them do that. After that, kids can play online with their friends or family.

Some kids find it easier to talk to others online than in person, especially those who have Autism, ADHD, or other needs. This means that apps and games with this feature give them a safe place to talk.

Before you buy, read the reviews

Games and apps that parents can read reviews of are easy to find on many websites and apps. There you have it. Now you can read what other parents think about an app or game before you buy it. You can also read reviews from other users in the Apple and Google Play stores to help you pick out the best apps for your kids.

Do not worry if you do not have the money to buy new apps. There are many that you can get for free.

In summary

Choosing the appropriate iPad applications for children may have a profound impact on their play and learning. The iPad applications we’ve spoken about today are more than simply entertainment; they’re windows into exciting new realms of exploration. By combining pleasure and instruction, they make sure that screen time is productive. Always remember to search for applications that are safe, entertaining, age-appropriate, instructive, and highly recommended by other users. With the help of these resources, your kids may have a well-rounded and stimulating experience that fosters their development and curiosity.

Answers to Common Questions (FAQs)

How much time should my child spend using these applications on a screen?

Children between the ages of two and five should only spend an hour a day on screens, and older kids should make sure they get a mix of other activities. Learning and active play should always come first.

Are these applications free of offensive content?

Yes, the applications on this list were made with kids in mind, keeping their safety in mind. To maintain an acceptable and safe experience, they incorporate features like parental controls and ad-free settings.

Can we replace conventional learning techniques with these apps?

Although these applications are great additions to conventional education, they shouldn’t take the place of experiential learning, teacher-led classes, or the rich learning that takes place in natural settings.

Which iPad applications are the greatest for five-year-olds?

For the next five years, SplashLearn, Endless Alphabets, and Duolingo are a few of the iPad applications that are needed.

Which iPad applications are ideal for children?

Another fantastic kids’ iPad app? There’s a good reason why ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy is one of the most downloaded preschool applications available. The captivating games guide children through sight words, word families, alphabet sounds, and more, taking the guesswork out of teaching them to read.

Which iPad educational applications are the best?

According to the learning style and speed of each kid, this app provides a tailored learning experience. SplashLearn stands out as a fun iPad software that promotes core skills in a vivid, engaging environment. It has some of the greatest educational games and offers incentives for each milestone.

Can children learn via iPad apps?

Not only may smart gadgets, such as iPad applications for kids, provide children with hours of amusement, but they can also serve as effective educational resources. Technology may assist kids in developing critical skills when used responsibly. With its game-based PreK–5 learning program, SplashLearn attracts over 40 million kids and fosters lifelong curiosity.

Which iPad applications are appropriate for use in the classroom?

These 20 teacher-approved iPad applications are perfect for keeping the students occupied during a long journey or while you’re exploring ways to use iPads in the classroom. Homer: Learn is one of those multifunctional applications. It has learning activities, storybooks, and sketching tools, but my favourite part is the post office.

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