Top Online Resources for Student Entrepreneurs - Launching Your Startup While in School

Everyone has the urge to become a businessman but very few can chase their dream at a very your age and some people start their setup with multiple resources at a very early age. Being a student, you must want to know some authentic resources and strategies for starting your business as an entrepreneur. We are suggesting a Place in the Sun online resource for student entrepreneurs. If you want to know about the incredible ways to learn the way to grow or start your business being a high school student then this blog provides you with information regarding the courses, programs, workshops and books through which you can get equipped with your knowledge for success. Here are the top online resources which aid you in Launching Your Startup While in School. is considered the largest online resource for entrepreneur students because of its features that are designed according to the needs and comprehension. Initially, it provides the past articles repository, guidance and incredible information that caters to versatile entrepreneurship aspects from idea to scaling. After that, it also provides practical resources and tools including the templates of a business plan, a financial calculator and guidelines for marketing that assist students in executing their effective ideas. Moreover, is helping young entrepreneurs by providing engagement in the community through networking and forum opportunities that allow the students to increase their connections with mentors and like-minded people. You can get the incredible content of the education, support from the community and practical resources from this indispensable platform to launch your business.

Here are the main features of which make it a youth entrepreneurship school

  • Marketing guides
  • Financial calculator
  • Comprehensive articles
  • Advise of experts

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Udemy is known as a young entrepreneur institute designed for students and provides a wide array of courses on entrepreneurship, development of business and related skills. With your help of Udemy, students can get the accessibility to courses which are expert-led at reasonable prices and some of the courses are free. With the help of this user-friendly platform, you can learn with flexible schedules according to your education fitness, and pace of entrepreneurial endeavours. In addition, Udemy also provides practical Strategies and knowledge which apply to managing and launching startups making it invaluable for entrepreneur students and aspirants.

Some lucrative features for young entrepreneur groups by taking Udemy in launching a startup include:

  • Diverse entrepreneur courses
  • Instructions from experts
  • Affordable options for pricing
  • Flexible schedules
  • Practical knowledge to apply business startup launching

Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a premier resource online for student entrepreneurs because of its extensive resources and network. It offers accessibility to entrepreneurs’ global community via networking opportunities and events. With the help of a Startup grind, the students can increase their information from successful mentors, leaders of industry and founders. This platform also provides the knowledge and collaboration to empower student entrepreneurs empower for acquire experience in the real world and get connected to peers having similar goals. 

Some of the invaluable features of this resource for the students in their entrepreneurial journey include:

  • Accessibility to the entrepreneurs of the global community
  • Networking opportunities, Events and webinars
  • Information from leaders of industry and successful founders
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration


Crunchbase is a young entrepreneur institute online Resource for student entrepreneurs because of its comprehensive innovative database companies, funding information and founder companies. It provides incredible information to start up the ecosystem and permits the students to discover friends, identify potential collaborations, and acquire successful personalities. The accessibility of the database system provides information for making decisions, increases inspiration and flourishes deeper recognition of the landscape in entrepreneurship.

Some of the top-notch features of Crunchbase include:

  • Comprehensive databases from an innovative company
  • Key personnel and founders’ profile
  • Investment Trend
  • Funding information
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities

MIT OpenCourseWare

This online high school entrepreneurship program for school students is designed for entrepreneur students by providing them free access to the materials of the course from MIT “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. It offers a variety of courses in terms of innovation, entrepreneurship and startups that cater for the topic including strategies of business, technology development and creation of the venture. With the renowned faculty of MIT and its resources, you can learn incredible knowledge, inspiration and practical skills to kick-start the journey of entrepreneurship.

Here are the benefits of learning from MIT’s OpenCourseWare

  • Free accessibility to the MIT course material
  • Knowledge from renowned faculty
  • Multiple courses about entrepreneurship
  • Kickstart inspiration for entrepreneurial journey
  • Venture creation practical skills

Kauffman Foundation

The Kauffman Foundation is a High School entrepreneurship program online that provides resources to the students with providing resources, program and resources having an aim to provide entrepreneurship. With the help of this initiative, the students can increase the accessibility to valuable resources, funding opportunities and educational materials that are designed to support their idea of entrepreneurship. The prime focus of the Kauffman Foundation is on the education of entrepreneurship and the development of an ecosystem that makes it incredible for you so that you can succeed in your setup world.

Here are some other benefits which you can get from the Kauffman Foundation as an online resource for entrepreneurship.

  • Researches on entrepreneurship
  • Support programs
  • Educational resources
  • Funding opportunities
  • Emphasize ecosystem development


You have another incredible flat form for getting your online learning as and student entrepreneur in the form of Foundr which provides you with incredible courses, articles and podcasts. Its main emphasis is on entrepreneurship skills. The content of this resource provides the Strategies and practical knowledge of the real world that is designed by getting the advice of industry experts and successful founders. With the help of Foundr, you may increase your skills and knowledge for navigating the startling complexity and business growth. Some other key benefits of the features offered by found include:

  • Courses, podcasts and articles on entrepreneurship
  • Strategies designed by successful founders
  • Real-world understanding from exports of business
  • Actionable guidance for business growth

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Some of the key benefits you will get by learning through business resources include:

  • Learning through activities, games and videos.
  • Financial literacy lessons
  • Business learning for teenagers and kids
  • Money management skills empowerment
  • Learning of financial business knowledge.

In the end, if you want to launch your business startup at your high school age then the online resources demonstrated above will aid you. Select any of these according to your requirements and start your entrepreneurship journey.

How can students learn skills of entrepreneurship skills online


How can students learn skills of entrepreneurship skills online?

You can increase your skills in entrepreneurship through online resources from platforms including Foundr,, MIT OpenCourseWare, and Udemy. These platforms provide you with the skills of marketing, business management, leadership, finance etc through which you can get self-paced learning.

What is the most suitable business which students can start?

The most appropriate business for the student to initiate is connected with available resources, interests and skills. Online entities including freelance services, E-Commerce stores and content creation are beneficial options for students.

Which resources are best for students to learn about business startups?

The most renowned resources for students to learn about the startup of business include Startup Grind, and Udemy.

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