The Best Fitness Apps for Students Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

Student life is a busy time of everyone’s life and students in 2024 are getting very slow and dizzy because of extra dependency on technology. The gaming activities are also digitalized due to they don’t go outdoors for jogging, walking or even for play. These reasons are leading to great disease among students at a young age, therefore, you cannot miss the exercise part of your life to stay healthy. Meanwhile, it is difficult to find inspiration to stay fit for students through exercise because they will have to give extra time to the exercise routine. In such a scenario, fitness applications work as your gym trainer free of cost. There are multiple best workout apps free for students so that they can start and continue their fitness journey.

You can get the best fitness apps for students’ workouts anytime anywhere download from IOS or Android Play Store however there must be some issue with having so many ads. Additionally, you might have the issue of the hang and slow working of the app. Therefore, while selecting the best fitness tracking apps you need to take care of the overall working and features of it.

We are providing the list of the best fitness apps for students at which you can work out at your convenience anytime and anywhere.

GymGoal ABC

GymGoal ABC fitness app is provided to the students on iOS and provides multiple features according to the requirements of a student it also provides customized plans of the workout, detailed guidelines of the exercise and tracking tools progress. It has a user-friendly interface through which students can easily navigate they are workout and remain motivated with progress charts and reminders. This fitness app has a free version which offers basic features through which a student can get access to essential workouts and check out their progress tracks without paying any fees. This application is appropriate for budget-conscious students.

Some of the multiple features which students can get by using this application include:

  • detail guidelines of exercises
  • customizable workout plans
  • free available version
  • user-friendly interface
  • structured routines of fitness
  • a reasonable option for students of all levels.

Asana Rebel

If you are a student and want to make yourself fit then the Asana Rebel fitness application is appropriate for you with multiple features according to the requirements of a student including workout yoga, personalized plans of training, tips for Wellness and meditation sessions. You can get the perks of the free version of this app in which you will have accessibility to the basic workout selection, practices of meditation and content Wellness. With the help of utilizing these resources, you can improve your mental well-being and Physical health free of cost.

  • Check out its incredible features designed for students.
  • Explore the programs which are yoga-inspired to keep you physically and mentally fit.
  • Generate lifelong habits which make you healthier long ago.
  • High-intensity workout features for moving personalized meditation for you.
  • You can download this application from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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Six Pack in 30 Days

Students who are keen on bodybuilding can find this application well because the six packs in 30 days fitness application increase the features including daily plans of the workout, targeted core strength exercises, tools for progress tracking and instructional videos. The students can get the accessibility to the free version of the application that provides important tips and workouts for 6-pack development without charges. With the help of the sources, students can increase their fitness level and shape their abdominal muscles without spending any money on subscriptions or premium features.

  • There are three workout plan levels step by step through which you can lose your belly fat and build muscles in your abdomen.
  • The scientific and systematic routine of workouts in 30 days can assist you in generating a pack with determination.
  • The automatic recording of this training program is another benefit.
  • The Assurance of effectiveness with video and animation guides.

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach fitness application provides multiple features such as water tracking and meal tracking, a personalized plan of diet, goal setting tools, remains with motivation and options for progress tracking. Students can utilize the free version of this app that contains the best functions including goal setting and meal tracking without any cost. By utilizing these features, you can develop healthy habits of eating and staying hydrated while tracking your daily progress towards the goals of your diet free of cost. It is another money-saving tip for the students which minimizes your student budget with keeps you fit.

It is a comprehensive fitness app that assists you in getting rid of exercise laziness and making your life changes with health without any food craving resistance. check out its features.

  • A calorie counter is user-friendly and helps you stay on track
  • Inspiring virtual rewards, tips and photos that are featured to make you motivated.
  • It contains will weight tracker, customized reminders and diet plans.

My Virtual Mission

You can get multiple features which are designed according to the requirements of the student in my virtual mission fitness app through which you can inbox and goals of your fitness on the virtual journey throughout the world. You can get the GPS tracking, progress updates and rewards milestones. In addition, you can also get access to the free version of the app through which you can participate in fundamental challenges and check out its progress without any cost. The engagement of this virtual mission can provide the students a good motivation through which they can achieve their milestones of fitness and explore innovative destinations without any subscription fees.

Some of the features of my virtual mission include:

  • This application is appropriate for students who want to engage in long-distance activities including swimming cycling walking or running.
  • You can get the options that provide you the dedication towards your mission.
  • You can also share your progress with your friends and family to make them motivated.


The Seven Fitness app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It provides the work out of 7 minutes for students who have very busy schedules. If you do not have the time to do a workout Therefore it also provides you the multiple exercises including customizable plans of the workout and progress tracking tools. You can also get accessibility to the free versions of this application without any cost through which you can stay active, boost your level of fitness and manage stress without any difficulty.

Some other features of Seven fitness apps include:

  • The Challenge of the everyday workout will provide you habit habit-creation
  • you will get support and extra encouragement through competition
  • you will receive personalized workouts focusing on preferences and needs
  • cheerleaders and till surgeons provide you instructions

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8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

You can get a personalized plan of workout by using the 8 feet workout and meal planner it also provides you with the recipe of a nutritious meal and a list of grocery shopping through which you can progress your tools of tracking. You can also get the benefits of the free version of the supplication where you can get the selection of basic workouts, simple plans of me and cracking features free of cost. With the help of these resources, you can improve your fitness, adopt eating habits which are healthy and track your progress in terms of health goals without requiring any cost.

Some other features which students can get by using 8 fit workouts and meal planner.

  • multiple features containing the tips and guidance of Nutrition
  • the way to use muscle-building HIIT workout with videos
  • advantages from the customization of an extensive meal plan
  • provide accurate forms of exercise and progression.

Final thought

Multiple students have to face the difficulty of obesity and fat because of the high-stress level of academic life due to which they want to lose weight. However, they do not have the time to go to any gym or Fitness Club. Therefore, the best fitness apps for students assist them in acquiring their fitness goals without spending too much time and money.

Which workout app is 100% free


Which workout app is 100% free?

Seven is a 100% free workout app that provides a quick workout in 7 minutes and is designed for the busy schedules of the students. You can exercise anywhere targeting multiple groups of the muscles without any equipment.

Which fitness app gives daily workouts to students?

The Seven Fitness app offers a daily workout of 7-minute design for students through which you can stay fit in your busy schedules and boost your level of energy.

How can I exercise anywhere?

Being a student, you can exercise anywhere with the body weight workout in which you don’t need any equipment including lunges, squats, yoga poses and push-ups. Make sure the use available outdoor or indoor spaces.

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