Terms and Conditions

Cafe Cloudy is a blogging website which provides blogs for the students in education niche. The professional writers of the field write blogs on different topics related to the educational domain of versatile subjects. We provide an informative landscape for the students in the form of our website.

Conditions of our service

The terms and conditions of the cafe cloudy are designed to follow a particular guideline such as:

  • Cafe Cloudy has a great commitment to keeping its secure usage for its audience. The inappropriate or harmful information posting is strictly prohibited here. We never publish any of the inappropriate content on our website.
  • The blog content including any sexual or unethical content never shared on the website.
  • The hate speech in the posts is strictly prohibited therefore not any writer of the service adds such content.
  • The content of blogs which you read on our website contains accurate information without any errors of photography in featured images.
  • We take care of the word count of the content which is more than 1000 so that our readers can get a good detailed insight into the particular topic of the blog.
  • The images which we add to the features of our blog are of high quality and we take care of the creativity which always remained higher at Cafe Cloudy.
  • We make sure to not share information which is not verified by any authentic resource.

All of these terms and conditions of the cafe cloudy are designed as a code of conduct of the website which is continued by professional writers for ongoing legacy.