Privacy Policy

Cafe Cloudy aims to provide the best blog services to their readers without any drawback. Therefore, they never make you compromise your privacy while visiting our website. Our core priority is to keep our precious content secure from getting stolen and to provide good security to the visitors. It allows you to get a good user experience at our site. Here is the significant privacy policy of our website.

Our information

We take the information of the visitors of our website that includes an automatic process. This information includes your IP details, type of browser, your views pages, time and date of the visit and the tracking cookies of your browsing habits.

Our information using a process

The main purpose behind taking your information is to maintain and enhance our website, identify the traffic and trends of the website, delivering advertisements to the target audience via Google ads.

Third-party partners

We have a partnership with Google Ads which uses cookies to display their ads on it makes Google able to display target ads to visitors. Moreover, the privacy policy of Google also uses the information of the visitors.


Cafe Cloudy has advanced systems which secure your collected information. We take care of the information of our readers and the visitors to the website. Your details will remain secure from accidental loss, corruption, unethical loss, or destruction.

Your choice

You will have the option to accept cookies which the browser allows you to control on the cookies through different settings. the setting will adapt the reflection according to your consent on the cookies used. Moreover, the browser also allows you to erase and review the cookies that include our cookies. for learning about the controls of Browser you can conserve the documentation that is provided by the manufacturers of Browser. You can also have the option for the Google ad service.

Privacy policy changes

There are some amendments in the privacy policy of the website with time. You need to check out the privacy policy of the Cafe Cloudy to remain updated.