Myron Golden
Myron Golden

With an estimated net worth of $25 million, Myron Golden is a well-known speaker, best-selling author, company growth consultant, and entrepreneur. who assists others in realising their aspirations and financial goals. He made money from investments, coaching programmes, online courses, book sales, and other commercial endeavours.

Myron Golden’s Income & Compensation

  • Everyday Wages – $50K–80K
  • Monthly Earnings – $500k–$1M
  • Annual Revenue – $8–10 million

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Myron Golden: Who is she?

Myron Golden is a very successful company growth consultant, speaker, and author of many best-selling books, including “The Science of Getting Rich,” “B.O.S.S. Moves,” and “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting From Anywhere.”

Myron Golden’s bio and Wikipedia

  • Myron Golden, my real name, is an entrepreneur.
  • Birthdate: May 14, 1961
  • Place of Birth Tampa, Florida
  • Wife Chevvanne Ingrid Powell, age 62, daughter
  • 5 feet, 2 inches tall and 72 kg in weight
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus; American Nationality


On May 14, 1961, Myron Golden was born in Tampa, Florida. He had polio, a viral infection that can result in paralysis and deformities when he was just six months old. His left leg was weakened and shorter than his right due to polio.


With a Ph.D. in business administration from Harvard University, a Master’s degree in theology from a different university, and a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Howard University, Myron Golden is a highly educated businessman. He demonstrates to us the way to live a life of faith and to use our abilities and skills for the good of God’s kingdom.

Golden House of Myron

Myron Golden likes the warm weather and picturesque surroundings of his opulent and large home in Florida. His house is a reflection of his success and fortune as well as his personal preferences. Myron has tastefully chosen modern furniture, artwork, and accessories to furnish his home.

Myron Golden’s wife, Chavaunne Ingrid Powell, has been with him for more than thirty years. She has two children from his first marriage, and he has been married twice in his life. Malaika Solange was his daughter from his first marriage, which ended in death in November 1978 due to Gwendolyn Inman Bethea’s illness.

Golden Daughter of Myron

Myron Golden’s daughter from his first marriage to Gwendolyn Inman Bethea, who died in November 1978, was named Malaika Solange. She is the CEO and creator of Malaika Solange International, a firm that assists female entrepreneurs in increasing their earnings and enterprises.

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Myron Golden’s height, weight, and age

Myron Golden is a 62-year-old motivational speaker and business coach. He weighs about 72 kilogrammes and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Myron, who has dark brown eyes and black hair, exudes confidence and authority. Because of the polio he had as a baby, he also wears a metal brace on his left leg.

Last Remarks

Myron Golden is an amazing individual who has triumphed over adversity and attained several achievements in both life and business. Along with being kind and obedient, he encourages and supports others in doing the same. You may check out his website, books, YouTube channel, and social media profiles to see how you can build your influence and revenue by doing what he does.


How old is Myron Golden?

Myron Golden is a 62-year-old motivational speaker and business coach.

Who is the wife of Myron Golden?

His wife’s name is Chevvanne Ingrid Powell

How tall is Myron Golden?

He is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

What is the weight of Myron Golden?

He weighs about 72 kilogrammes.

What is the net worth of Myron Golden?

With an estimated net worth of $25 million, Myron Golden is a well-known speaker.

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