John Rumpel
John Rumpel

John Rumpel is a well-known political fundraiser and businessman from Florida, and his estimated net worth is $100 million. He is the owner of two businesses: Victoria Landing, an assisted-living community named for his late daughter, and Encore Motors of Melbourne, a luxury automobile dealership.

In addition, John owns real estate in Long Island, North Carolina, and Florida. In June 2023, he suffered a terrible loss when his pilot, nanny, daughter, and grandchild perished in a Virginia aircraft disaster.

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How Much Money John Rumpel Makes

John Rumpel receives income from a number of sources, including:

Encore Melbourne Motors

Encore Motors of Melbourne, which offers high-end vehicles including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Jaguar, is one of John Rumpel’s principal companies. Established in 1999, he is the company’s owner and creator. “The finest destination for premium pre-owned automobiles on the Space Coast and across Central Florida” is Encore Motors, located in Melbourne.

When the Cessna V Citation crashed in Virginia on June 4, 2023, it killed John Rumpel’s daughter, granddaughter, nanny, and pilot. Encore Motors of Melbourne is also the business that registered the aircraft. The company’s president, John Rumpel, and his wife, Barbara, were not on board. The Rumpels live on Long Island, and that is where the plane took off from North Carolina.

Landing at Victoria

John Rumpel also owns Victoria Landing, an assisted-living community named for his late daughter Victoria, who passed away at the age of 19 in a scuba diving accident. Situated in Melbourne, Florida, Victoria Landing provides seniors with memory care, assisted living, and independent living options.

In 2018, he paid $800,000 for a 5,000-square-foot office facility in Melbourne, Florida.

John Rumpel’s income, salary, and earnings

  • Encore Melbourne Motors – $2,500,000.
  • Landing at Victoria – $1.3 million
  • Properties in Real Estate – predicted to be in the millions given the worth of his holdings

John Rumpel: Who is he?

Florida businessman John Rumpel runs a number of businesses, including a portfolio of real estate, an assisted-living facility, and a dealership of high-end vehicles. In addition, he is a well-known political fundraiser who backed Donald Trump’s bid for president.

In June 2023, a devastating plane disaster claimed the lives of his daughter, granddaughter, nanny, and pilot. Fortunately, he escaped. Barbara, his spouse, is an executive with the NRA and a proponent of gun rights.

John Rumpel’s biography and on Wikipedia

  • Actual Name – John Rumpel
  • Career – Entrepreneur
  • Date of Birth – 13 August 1947
  • Place of Birth – USA: New York
  • Spouse – Barbara Rumpel
  • Daughter – Adina Azarian
  • Age – 75 Years
  • Height – Five feet and eight inches
  • Mass – 70 lbs.
  • Sign of the Zodiac – Leo
  • Nationality – United States


On August 13, 1947, John Rumpel was born in New York, USA. He was the son of model Joya Paterson, who held the position of president at S&S Industries, a firm that produced and sold plastic goods. We don’t know the identity or employment of his father. Despite coming from an affluent and privileged household, John had various hardships and tragedies as a child.

He was named as having polio at the age of twelve, which results in paralysis and weakening of the muscles. He needed physical rehabilitation and many operations to fully recover from the condition. In 2011, he also lost his mother, who was 84 years old when she passed away from cancer.


John did well in both academics and athletics throughout his time in high school in New York. He played baseball and football and had a specific interest in physics and mathematics. Acquiring a scholarship to study at New York University, he graduated with honours from high school. He enrolled in the ROTC program and studied business and engineering there.

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1969 saw him get a bachelor’s degree from NYU, and the U.S. He became a second lieutenant in the Air Force. Over his four years of service, the Air Force stationed him in Florida, Germany, Vietnam, and other places.

Plane Crash of John Rumpel

On June 4, 2023, the aircraft was travelling from North Carolina, where the Rumpel family has a house, to Long Island, where they also own property. When the aircraft reached the restricted area over Washington, D.C., it was unresponsive and the U.S. military responded.

The pilot looked to have gone out as two F-16 fighter fighters raced to intercept the aircraft. After that, the aircraft kept flying on autopilot until it crashed into a Virginian mountain range close to George Washington State Forest.

Family of John Rumpel

John Rumpel is married to Barbara, a supporter of gun rights and an executive with the NRA. Adina and Victoria, their two daughters, perished in horrible incidents. In 2023, an aircraft disaster claimed the lives of real estate broker Adina and her daughter Aria. 1994 saw the death of scuba diver Victoria. John and Barbara own several companies, including an assisted-living home and a dealership for high-end vehicles.

John Rumpel’s Spouse

John Rumpel’s wife is Barbara Rumpel. She is the head of Encore Motors of Melbourne, a high-end vehicle company that registered the aircraft that killed their daughter, granddaughter, nanny, and pilot in June 2023 when it crashed in Virginia. She works as an executive for the NRA and supports gun rights. Their family members perished in the horrible plane disaster, but they managed to survive.

John Rumpel’s weight, height, and age

American businessman and political fundraiser John Rumpel was born in New York on August 13, 1947, and is 75 years old. He weighs around 70 kg and is 5 feet 8 inches tall. He wears spectacles, has dark eyes, and white hair. He enjoys wearing watches and jewellery and typically dresses in fancy suits and ties. His left leg bears a scar from a polio operation he underwent when he was twelve years old.


How old is John Rumpel?

American businessman John Rumpel was born in New York on August 13, 1947, and is 75 years old.

Who is the wife of John Rumpel?

John Rumpel’s wife is Barbara Rumpel. She is the head of Encore Motors of Melbourne.

How tall is John Rumpel?

He is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

What is the weight of John Rumpel?

He weighs around 70 kg.

What is the net worth of John Rumpel?

John Rumpel is a well-known political fundraiser and businessman from Florida, and his estimated net worth is $100 million.

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