Jana Seaman Net Worth 2024, Husband, Age, Height, WeightJana Seaman Net Worth 2024, Husband, Age, Height, Weight

You will wonder by knowing the real-life journey of the people going through step-by-step achievements in their financial standing. The name of Jana Seaman is one of those people who learn over time and make their pace in the business world. Jana Seaman is the co-founder and entrepreneur of United In Assignment. The incredible achievements and milestones of the business world make her distinguished for the people.

This blog open up the success story of Jana Seaman which young entrepreneurs can benefit from. The whole life of Jana Seaman is full of inspirational events which unfold crucial narratives including the captured imagination.

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Jana Seaman net worth

Jana Seaman is an entrepreneur with a net worth of 10 million dollars which is an impressive financial standing. Their robust financial standing is the reflection of her investment decisions, unwavering dedication and financial achievements in their career. Her potential to generate substantial money with her professional endeavours highlights her acumen and expertise in the world of business. The investment plans and the company initiatives are responsible for her future betterment in the business world.

Jana Seaman and Surge trader

Due to having great knowledge and a well-equipped background in technology education, Jana Seaman founded her own company Surge Trader. Surge Traders is a cutting-edge platform of technology with revolutionized trading office stock. With the help of skills of Jana in finance and computer science, she spread the development of search traders and generated tools with intuition for worldwide traders. She had the vision for accessibility to democratizing the financial market to provide empowered users to make informed decisions and investments with ease.

Jana Seaman origin

The origin of the Jana Seaman is from the United States. Jana Seaman’s nationality is American however she is associated with Naples which is the regional capital of Campania and famous for being the third-biggest city of Italy. Jana Seaman adores to travel in the different states of the world and she posts on her social media accounts.

She was raised in Ohio which is a small town in the United States. At an early age, Jana had a passion for technology and science.

Jana Seaman husband

The husband of Jana Seaman was an advocate and environmentalist for sustainable living. He has a background in engineering in renewable energy. He was committed to generating a green future. Both the husband and wife had a great bond due to having similar interests. Mark was a supportive partner which we can analyze through the myriad achievements of Jana’s life. You might hear that Jana Seaman’s widow. So, yep, she got a widow and lost her husband who was suffering from the disease of Leukaemia at the age of 32.

Jana Seaman Instagram

You will find the active posting of Jana Seamen on her Instagram account which highlights herself as an adventurous spirit. She also features travel snapshots and some other posts regarding her tech projects and environmental activism moments which are a great source of inspiration for her followers.

Jana Seaman age

The date of birth of Jana Seaman is 12 May 1988 according to that she is now 36 years old in 2024. In the previous years of her life, we can find her as a fashion net technologist with knowledge of environmental activism and finance which makes her an impactful personality for her business.

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Jana Seaman height

Physical appearance is something which makes every individual distinguished from others and gentlemen have a height of five feet 7 inches. The eye color of Jana Seaman is Hazel which complements her complexion off Sun-kissed. Information regarding her weight and body mass index is still under the wrap however we found her as a graceful and confident personality.

Jana Seaman Wikipedia

Like other people, you also must be curious about Jana Seaman’s bio. The name Jana Seaman is famous throughout the world because of her intellectual nature and the development of her company search trade in terms of technological advancement. She has completed her degree in computer science from the University of Stanford which assisted her in generating a great company as a revolutionizing trading stock. You can be wonder and get impressed by this incredible personality due to her sustainability passion which drives her activism and assists her to recognition throughout the globe.


The lives of many people are the inspiration for other people however we consider many people who are successful as the happiest people in the world. On the other hand, despite having too much success in life we can find out the multiple difficulties and painful events of the life of Jana Seaman that she became a widow at the age of 32 and lost a beautiful partner. Some other information regarding her early life the recent updates regarding her in this blog so read it and enjoy yourself.


Who is Jana Seaman?

Jana Seaman is the name of the world’s most famous entrepreneur because of having position as an environmental advocate, entrepreneur and surge trader CEO. Search Trader is a platform that provides stock trading revolutionizing with the demo criticized access and intuitive tools to the market of finance.

Who is the CEO of Surge Trader?

The Surge Traders CEO is Jana Seaman. She provides her expertise in finance and technologies to lead the innovative initiatives of the company.

How does Surge Trader work?

Surge trader has the responsibility to work to provide the user with real-time data and intuitive tools for making informed decisions in investment. With the help of the user-friendly interface surge traders also provide accessibility to the market finance that empowers traders throughout the world.

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