Isabell Afro
Isabell Afro

She creates her items with her trademark catchphrases and logos, including “Afro Gang,” “Wakanda Forever,” and “Isabell Afro,” and after subtracting the costs of production and shipping, she keeps the proceeds from each sale.

Instagram & TikTok

Isabell Afro has been especially prominent on TikTok, where her videos of herself dancing traditional African dances with two young boys have been quite popular. Her contagious enthusiasm and polished performances have won over many hearts, gaining her a sizable following on TikTok.

Isabell Afro’s income, salary, and earnings

  • Everyday Wages – $3–$5K
  • Monthly Revenue – between $90K and $150K
  • Yearly profits – $500–800K

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Isabell Afro, who is she?

Danish-Tanzanian content maker and TikTok user Isabell Afro. Her mesmerising African ethnic dance performances have gained her widespread recognition. She developed into a distinctive presence with her expressive and rhythmic movements.

In June 2022, Isabell performed as a dancer on a Big Sunday Live broadcast. In addition, she once abandoned her dance profession to help her boyfriend sell fruit to passing automobiles. This incident was documented on TikTok, where it received over 15 million views!

Wikipedia & The Biography of Isabell Afro

  • Actual Name – Isabella Afro
  • Employment – TikTok Influencer and Star
  • Date of Birth – 25 August 1999
  • Place of Birth – Denmark’s Gedved
  • Mate – Jaymondy
  • Age – Twenty-four Years
  • Height – Five Feet and Four Inches
  • Mass – 50 lbs.
  • Sign of the Zodiac – Virgo
  • Nationality – Danish

Isabella Afro’s parents

Her parents are caring and encouraging. Her mother is Danish, while her father is Tanzanian. They frequently appear with her in her dancing videos, showcasing their comedy and skills. They also support her in following her dreams of being a social media influencer and dancer. When their parents travelled to Tanzania, they got to know her lover, Jaymondy.

Isabell Afro’s height, weight, and age

She is a 24-year-old celebrity on TikTok who was born on August 25, 1999, in Copenhagen, Denmark. She weighs 50 kg (110 lbs) and is 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 m) tall. Isabell has stunning features, including black hair and brown eyes. She frequently dresses in vibrant, stylish clothing and accessories with pieces that complement the tone and concept of her dance videos. She enthrals her followers with her bright personality and gorgeous smile.

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How old is Isabell Afro?

She is a 24-year-old celebrity on TikTok who was born on August 25, 1999, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Who is the spouse of Isabell Afro?

A Tanzanian dancer and choreographer named Jaymondy is Isabell Afro’s lover. He frequently appears in Isabell’s videos and vlogs due to his status as a social media celebrity and influencer.

How tall is Isabell Afro?

She is 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 m) tall. Isabell has stunning features, including black hair and brown eyes.

What is the weight of Isabell Afro?

She weighs 50 kg (110 lbs).

What is the net worth of Isabell Afro?

One of the most popular content creators on TikTok, Isabell Afro, is worth an estimated $3 million.

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