International Student Acceptance Rate at City University of New York

Certain U.S. institutions are more difficult for prospective foreign students to get into than others. For autumn 2022, the average acceptance percentage for international students at the 164 nationally rated universities that received at least 500 applications from outside the country and provided this information to U.S. News was 42.5%.  Although there are many problems in pubic education in America, still it is a fascinating place for international students.

However, acceptance rates at some universities were far higher—98% in one instance.

Over 6,000 foreign students with F and J immigration statuses, representing more than 100 countries, call CUNY home. CUNY is dedicated to providing international students with a friendly environment in which to acclimate to new cultural and academic traditions, and it values the diversity of its student body. We clear the path for students to become globally competent and future global leaders.

It might be nerve-wracking to wait for your acceptance letter from a US college or university. What if we told you that you could prevent the anxiety and worry?

American Dream

Many US institutions have excellent acceptance rates for international students.

Applying to these universities with high acceptance rates will increase your chances of getting in and realizing the “American Dream.”

In the US, acceptance rates to universities can differ significantly throughout schools.

Some of the best universities in the US, like Yale, Stanford, and Harvard, also have some of the lowest acceptance rates for international applicants. First take quiet time to find good time to research your education topics for PhD or Master’s thesis.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to attend a prominent university to receive a top-notch education.

Finding the university that is the greatest fit for you is extremely crucial. The good news is that there are a lot of highly accepted US institutions that provide top-notch instruction, a varied campus, a top-notch curriculum, and a secure environment.

Applying to one of these US universities with high acceptance rates for foreign students will help you avoid a lot of the stress associated with waiting for acceptance.

However, there are a few things you should understand about acceptance rates before we go on.

All the Information You Require Regarding Acceptance Rates

International students frequently need to present the following paperwork when applying to universities:

  • Essays on application forms
  • Results from standardized tests, such as the SAT or ACT
  • Evidence of English competence, such as transcripts from the TOEFL or IELTS exam
  • Evidence of finances

The majority of us believe that these are the only records used to determine an overseas student’s acceptance or rejection. That isn’t totally accurate.

The admittance rates of foreign students at US universities are influenced by several factors.

US institutions

US Institutions Abide By Internal & External Rules

Certain US institutions are required to abide by internal or external rules that place a cap on the number of foreign students they can accept each year.

This represents 10% to 20% of the entire student body. Every year, these numbers are subject to vary based on institutional priorities, academic programs, and funding. The diversity quota is another requirement that could determine your admission status.

This is the approximate amount of students a university would like to see from a particular nation or area. A university would wish to balance out its student body by adding more people from China or Russia, for instance, if it presently has an excessive number of Indian students.

It also affects what level of education you are applying. Local students are apparently given preference at US universities for undergraduate admission, but less so for postgraduate admission.

Therefore, admission to master’s or PhD programs may be less difficult for foreign students than admission to bachelor’s programs. Many universities and colleges lost overseas students as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; in order to make up for this, many are accommodating students’ demands by adopting flexible admission policies and instructional strategies.

Why is CUNY the most popular among applicants in 2024?

These characteristics shared by the international students’ are easy-to-enter universities:

  • More accommodating application standards for overseas students.
  • Lower TOEFL scores, optional SAT or ACT scores, and other measures are a few examples.
  • Choice to enroll in career-training programs.
  • They have brief classes meant to help students become more fluent in English and/or acclimated to life on American campuses.
  • Establish collaborations with foreign schools and universities, such as the American Degree Transfer Program, which enables students to finish their first year at home before moving to a US university.


How many oversea students are studying in CityU?

Over 500 international students study at CityU in North America. They offer two special programs, an ELP and a language-assisted MBA program, to meet the needs of our international students.

What is the number of colleges in New York City?

25 Universities. Just one university. Numerous Possibilities. More than 2,800 excellent academic programs are available at 21 universities throughout New York City for students pursuing degrees. Undergraduate courses might result in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. fifteen CUNY universities provide more than 200 advanced certificates and more than 800 graduate programs.

What is the New York City University?

The largest urban public institution in the country, the City institution of New York is vital to the social mobility of New York City and a transformative force.

Is City University of New York a reputable university?

One of the best public institutions in New York City, USA, is City University of New York. In the QS World University Rankings 2024, it has #=545 position. Find out more about attending City University of New York, including its performance in the QS rankings, tuition prices, and further course details.

How many PhD’s graduate from New York Graduste Center?

The Graduate Center, The City University of New York’s primary doctorate-granting institution, grants over thirty doctorates and promotes internationally important research across a broad range of centers and institutes.

Does City U aid in the degree completion of foreign students?

For forty years, City U has assisted foreign students in obtaining degrees. See how CityU supports the success of international students if you’re thinking about applying.

How many oversea students are enrolling each year in NY campus?

Over 21,000 international students and scholars from 120 different countries, New York University is the university with most of the oversea students in the United States. For information on how to apply to study at NYU’s New York City campus, get in touch with Graduate or Undergraduate Admissions.

What is the New York City University?

The largest urban public institution in the country, the City institution of New York is vital to the social mobility of New York City and a transformative force.

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