He is five feet seven inches tall. He was born on September 27, 1987, and he is 36 years old now. Although he does not publicly reveal precise weight information, he is characterised as having an average slender body type. His physical attributes, which are defined by his unique style, enhance his already endearing demeanour.

Earnings, Salary, and Income of Erealist

  • Everyday Wages- $1–$3K
  • Monthly Revenue – $35–$50K
  • yearly profits – $150–250K

“Please take notice that the predicted profits may not fully reflect Erealist’s income since they are hypothetical and based on a typical return rate.”

Erealist Wiki

Real name: Eddie Harris; professionally known as an Erealist comedian

DOB:  September 27, 1987

Place of birth: Alabama, USA

Father: Revisions Coming

Mother: Barbara Selvy

Wife: Nikki Harris, age thirty-six

Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius; Height: 5 feet, 7 inches; Weight: Updated Soon

Updates on Religion and Nationality Soon: American

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Eddie Harris Famous By Erealist

Eddie Harris, better known by his stage name Erealist, is a rising celebrity in the entertainment business with an estimated $1 million in net worth. He has been able to develop a brand that appeals to a diverse range of consumers because of his skilful usage of several web channels.

How Did Erealist Get His Fortune?

Erealists get money in a variety of ways, such as:

Live Acts

For Erealist, live performances are a lucrative source of revenue. According to reports, he made $100,000 in a year from appearances and events.

Social Networks

Erealist’s social media following also makes a substantial contribution to his wealth. Even while the precise sum of his social media revenue is unknown to the general public, influencers with comparable fan bases may make substantial sums of money through partnerships, sponsored content, and ads.

Erealist Childhood & Education

On September 27, 1987, Erealist was born in Baker Hill, Alabama, his early years in Alabama prepared him for his future career aspirations in the digital entertainment sector. Erealist, whose parents were deaf, had hardships that infused his life with the virtues of grit and diligence.

Honors & Accomplishments

He has received several honours and recognitions for his services to the entertainment business.

Greenwich Village Comedy Contest – Erealist’s remarkable stand-up comedy skill was on full display as he won first place on both nights of the contest.

The Comedy Entertainer Competition – The Nubian Disciples of Laughter staged this competition, and he won first place thanks to his distinct style and sense of humour.

Earnings in Show Business – In addition to receiving praise for his captivating performances and concerts, Erealist has earned a substantial sum of $227,000 from a variety of events.

Erealist House

In addition to his work in digital material, Erealist has gained recognition for his astute real estate acquisitions. The specifics of Erealist’s residence are unknown, but it is known that his choice of residence is a reflection of his character and uniqueness, much like the material that has won him a devoted following.

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Erealist’s Wife Nikki Harris is an encouraging and motivating woman to whom Erealist is married. They work well together as a strong team, frequently sharing glimpses of their family life on their YouTube channel, “E And Nik 4Life.”

Children of Erealist a happy father of two kids. Even though he doesn’t reveal their identities, it’s obvious that family is very important to him. It is clear that his children are a source of inspiration and delight for him, and that becoming a father has given him a new perspective on his varied profession.


How old is Erealist?

He is 36 years old according to the latest data.

Who is the wife of Erealist?

Erealist’s Wife Nikki Harris is an encouraging and motivating woman.

How tall is Erealist?

Earliest is 5 feet, 7 inches in height.

What is the net worth of Erealist?

Erealist is a rising celebrity in the entertainment business with an estimated $1 million in net worth.

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