Ebony Grimes
Ebony Grimes

Name: Ebony Grimes; 30 years old; American

Birthdate: May 1993

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland

Height: 5 feet 1 inch

Spouse: Update soon

Children: 3,

Occupation: Business owner, model, and actress

Name for modelling: Modelmzonyx

Present Place of Residence: California

Net Worth: $8.5 Million

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/modelmzonyx): m_source=qr

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008215714057 and mibextid=LQQJ4d

Ebony Grimes Famous By Modelmzonyx

As of May 2024, Ebony Grimes, better known by her stage name Modelmzony, is a self-made model, business owner, and aspiring actor with a net worth of $8.5 million. Modelmzonyx, a renowned American model and actress, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in May 1993. She hails from a talented family with prominent cousins. During her early years, her family provided her with a lot of support while she pursued her modelling profession. She began her career at a young age, and at the age of 21, she used the money she earned to launch her first company. Modelmzonyx received encouragement from her grandparents and mother to pursue her modelling career.

Modelmzonyx, a native of a tiny town, has made a name for herself in the business by establishing herself as a staple at a very young age. Her perseverance and accomplishments serve as an example to others. Ebony’s narrative on how her life changed stems from her many modelling and business ownership skills.

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Career Landmarks

Ebony’s modelling career started when she was barely 18 years old, with invitations to multiple runway fashion shows, New York fashion shows, and print and publishing opportunities.

Ebony is undoubtedly the jack of all crafts; in addition to being a cook, she also owns a boutique, mentorship program, nail salon, and real estate, among many other skills.

With over 70k+ followers on Instagram, Ebony is a major emerging celebrity who also attracts a lot of likes and support on all of her social media platforms, which helps her transform her likes into greater income flow.

Ebony’s earnings from modelling, acting, and running multiple businesses have contributed to her $8.5 million net worth.

Want To Guess Her Daily Income?

Ebony receives pay.

  • $8k–$10k in earnings every day
  • Monthly Revenue $240,000
  • Annual Revenue Between $2 and $3 million

Modelmzonyx, also known as Ebony Grimes, is an American actress, model, and business owner who is quickly becoming well-known in the entertainment and film industries.

Multitalented Millionaire

At the age of 18, Modelmzonyx ascended to stardom rapidly, landing multiple photo sessions that led to further media chances. She also owns a couple of additional companies that she hasn’t yet disclosed, in addition to her fantastic mentorship company, Ethementor. She has appeared in numerous popular magazines all over the world, including Genzo, Dominante, Thin, and numerous others.

ModelMzOnyx attended schools for nursing, criminal justice, business administration, manicure, real estate, computer technology, cosmetology, and law, which reflects in her intelligence and beauty.

Although she prefers to keep her personal life private, she acknowledged that her family and significant other have given her enormous support during her Hollywood career, which appears to have a bright future for her and her family.

A Sneak Peak Into Her Personal Life

Ebony is currently dating her soon-to-be husband, yet she remains silent about his identity while grinning. They have an upcoming wedding in 2024. Even though they are not yet married, she said that he is ready to travel with her daily and that they are working on some fantastic business projects.

Ebony is undoubtedly on the rise in Hollywood, with some future roles and motion pictures. She also mentioned a significant project that is in the works with some prominent producers, as we wrap up this interview and glimpse of Modelzonyx’s life and career.

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With unrivalled skill, Ebony is constantly striving for greater success in the entertainment world. She even expressed her intention to bring her children to the pinnacle beside her.


How old is Ebony Grimes?

Ebony Grimes will be 30 years old by 2024.

Who is the husband of Ebony Grimes?

Ebony is currently dating her soon-to-be husband, yet she remains silent about his identity.

How tall is Ebony Grimes?

Her height is 5 feet 1 inch.

What is the net worth of Ebony Grimes?

$8.5 Million is the net worth of Ebony Grimes.

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