Are There Any Excellent Educational Apps Available For 15 Years Old Students in 2024

It looks like it will be hard to find good teaching apps in 2024, since there are more than 567,000 of them to choose from. It might be tough to find good educational apps that help children with teaching and learning. There have been many hours spent researching and rating educational and learning apps that teachers, parents, students, and educators have recommended. With the help of interactive teaching apps, kids can learn basic school skills like reading and math.

Most apps for tablets and smartphones that are used for educational purposes are meant to make the learning settings better for both teachers and students. There are tens of thousands of teaching apps on the App Store and Google Play Store that cover everything from English and math to science and history. When you use educational apps, you can learn outside of school, and it will be more engaging, dynamic, and interesting.

These carefully chosen educational applications for kids cover a wide range of topics for different skill levels and learning preferences. These applications will help you achieve your learning objectives, maintain classroom motivation, and engage all kinds of learners.

Children can become more interactive, engaged, and productive with the use of educational apps. Learning applications are a great way to keep teaching methods new, which is essential to getting students interested in their studies.

Quiz Plus

Quiz Plus offers a wide range of resources to distribute a substantial quantity of study content. More than 300,000 tests covering 30 college-level study areas can be effectively accessed through quizzes, practice exams, flashcards, and textbook solutions. Students can download a deck from the extensive Quizplus flashcard library or use the flashcard generator to construct their own.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is part of the Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals set of easy-to-use tools that also includes Gmail, Assignments, Slides, Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and other apps. For teachers and students in grades K–12 and higher schooling.

Google Classroom is simple to use and encourages teachers and students to work together. Teachers can set up a class and add learning apps, like tasks, with just a few clicks. It is possible to add students by name or send them an invitation code. After that, students can see what they have to do and when it’s due, play on conversation boards, or send a private or group chat message to the teacher.

Many edtech tools, including Explain Everything, Kahoot!, Canvas, Blackboard, and others, are integrated with Google Classroom.

Book Creator

Even for those who are not yet readers or writers, Book Creator is an easy-to-use tool for creating digital books. Youngsters can illustrate or improve their stories using drawings, photographs, or videos. Even though it’s simple enough for preschoolers, adults and older students can utilize it. A simple-to-use program for creating multimedia digital books in any academic area, from elementary school onward, is Book Creator. You can have several language readings of your book read aloud to you, complete with page flipping and word highlights. You may also download your book as an ePub file, share it online, and print it as a PDF.


Educators may utilize Kahoot! to provide quizzes, debates, and surveys. This classroom response system is built on a game and everyone utilizes it in real-time. The screen will show questions with multiple choice answers. Students answer the questions using electronic devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones. There are many education apps that children want for the iPad, listen below.

News-O-Matic Education

For students, News-O-Matic is the first daily newspaper of its kind. Students get an exciting and captivating nonfiction experience from it, along with useful literacy resources for the classroom. Because of its special blend of technology and journalism, News-O-Matic develops creative solutions that assist kids in growing up to be responsible members of society. It provides a window into the world and an incentive for young readers to enjoy reading news articles.

Over 1,000 schools use this app for nonfiction reading, science, social studies, geography, and more!

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Wolfram Alpha

The best resource for students’ homework and research is WolframAlpha. This well-known program for high school students provides precise responses derived from data collected from all the relevant sources for the topics you pose. Because it offers a wide range of studies on an array of themes, including geography, chemistry, physics, geometry, biology, and mathematics, students can learn anything.


Among the best programs accessible today, Duolingo is ideal for individuals who are just starting to learn English. The gamified learning style of the program allows you to learn English rapidly with as little as twenty minutes every day. With Duolingo, your courses structures around themes, and as you complete them, you earn skill points. You will learn about seven new words in each class.


Showbie is a free educational tool that facilitates the creation and completion of assignments, exams, and grade storage for both teachers and students. Assignments turn in by students using Showbie. Teachers and/or students can record voice notes to include with assignments.

Showbie allows many professors to create classes, which students can view according to their affiliation. The assignments that the teacher prepares for that class are then visible when they click on the class. Instructors can set due dates and times for assignments so that work cannot be turned in after the deadline. The work is timestamped so that the instructor can determine the precise moment of submission to Showbie.

Helm News (Android, iPhone, iPad)

The Helm News app compiles current, worldwide news into a single app. Its outstanding machine-based translation feature allows consumers to instantly access a large variety of international news media in a remarkable number of language combinations. Users can read daily news in English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, and Urdu, all with a few touches, testing and improving their language abilities.

Evernote (iPhone, iPad, and Android)

One of the most well-liked free apps for students is Evernote. Evernote makes it simple to arrange all of your schoolwork and assignments so you can find what you need quickly, whether you’re in high school or seeking a degree. For students, Evernote is a free productivity tool that can help them stay focused and organized.

  • Basic plan for free enables the capturing of notes in multiple media, such as text, drawings, photos, audio, and video.
  • Share and synchronize your notes with other people on several devices.
  • Strong search engine that can locate files and words across notes
  • integrates with several well-known applications, including Gmail, Outlook, and Drive


StudyBlue is the best crowdsourced study resource, featuring more than 400 million notes, study guides, and flashcard. Students have the ability to make and share study materials, look up suggested reading from other students, monitor their progress, send themselves reminders, and make their own exams.

  • Make your own free digital flashcards to learn and share.
  • Personalize your study materials by adding audio and visuals.
  • Test yourself, monitor your development, and create study alerts

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educational apps

How We Select Greatest Educational Apps?

Each app that we highlight goes through several evaluation phases.

We verify its information that is accessible to the public. It is consistently updated by looking through its update record, user reviews, and app store listings.

By looking through the reviews and comments, we look into how the app interacts with its users. We search for pertinent news stories that have the potential to sway a buyer’s choice.

We use our certification method to assess the app. A certified teacher compares the features and advantages of the app with our assessment rubric, created by an education expert, as part of this demanding evaluation. Every app goes through a rigorous testing process, which we report in the form of an in-depth written evaluation.

We assign a maximum of five stars to each app at the conclusion of this process. An app is among the greatest educational apps if it receives four or five stars, in which case we can confidently suggest it.


How do apps for education function?

The vast majority of educational applications developed for mobile devices have as their primary goal the improvement of the learning settings experienced by both instructors and students. There are a multitude of educational apps on both the App Store and the Play Store, covering subjects ranging from history and arithmetic to English and physics.

Where does interactive education find its use?

With the help of engaging educational apps, kids may quickly become proficient in basic subjects like reading and math. The vast majority of educational applications developed for mobile devices have as their primary goal the improvement of instructional environments experienced by both instructors and students.

Which educational iPad apps ought I to download?

This is a selection of instructional iPad apps that parents, teachers, and students will find useful. When studying multiplication (such as times tables) and division facts in the early stages of learning, the interactive math game website is helpful.

Why do educational applications be used in schools?

Children can become more interactive, engaged, and productive with the use of educational apps. Learning applications are a great way to keep teaching methods new, which is essential to keep students interested in their studies.

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